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TEDxPurdue, April 2016

TEDxPurdue, April 2016

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The Verge & Intel: The Future Is Now, March 2014

TEDxAtlanta NYC, May 2014

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  • Smart vent and atmospheric controller apparatuses, methods and systems

  • A device and system for charging mobile electronic devices

  • System and method for determining a use condition for an appliance

  • Focusing system for motion picture camera
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  • Hydroponic System
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  • Interchangeable Electronic Lock
    US20130298619, CA2816135A1

  • Method and System for Operating an Electronic Lock

  • Wet Shaving Apparatus Rinsing Device

  • Portable system configured to be deployed in a network
    US20150036279 A1

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    I am an Industrial Designer, Interdisciplinary Engineer, and Entrepreneur who is committed to developing revolutionary products for a better future. For those who follow astrology, I was born in the year of the Mac. In 1984, a grinning, bow-tied Steve Jobs unveiled the Mac: a vision for an alternative future. For myself and other product designers who grew up on Apple, the company imprinted a set of unshakable expectations for tomorrow's products: they must be friendly, intuitive, and online.

    For me, physical things provide a deeper potential to affect change than apps or websites do. I think its because, at the end of the day, we are physical creatures and find deeper intuition, joy, and permanence with products we touch. I especially admire products which are built on a technical feat of science, thereby advancing society with a new widespread capability.

    I am focused on understanding and promoting a style of entrepreneurship which cradles risk taking, championing design studios as invention centers, and advancing our culture through market-driven adoptions of mass manufactured technology products that solve problems. I regularly speak on the role of design studios as invention centers and the application of science and design to small entrepreneurial ventures to create new technology products that solve big problems.


    Theodore Ullrich (Ted) is a founding partner at Tomorrow Lab ®, an internationally recognized product design and engineering studio based in New York City. Tomorrow Lab develops and manufactures smart hardware products for their clients, and was recognized on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine in 2014 as Top Tech Innovators. Alongside Tomorrow Lab, Ted is a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, teaching in the Products of Design and Interaction Design Programs. He has instructed design studio courses at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Drexel University in Philadelphia, and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) in Denmark. He also serves as a Permanent Advisor on the in-house team of the NEST, CIID’s design-driven startup incubator.

    Ted holds a Master of Industrial Design (MID) Degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), and a Bachelor of Inventive Design Engineering (BSE) Degree from Purdue University.


    Guest Designer & workshop co-host at the museum's Design Camp 2017. Topic: Design & prototyping inspired by early 20th century American inventions. Link to Event
    Guest speaker. Topic: Hardware Entrepreneurship for Designers and Engineers.
    Speaker at UPenn's Integrated Product Design program's Professional Practice course. Topic: Entrepreneurship & Design. Link to Presentation
    Closing Keynote Speaker at 2016 MFA Interaction Design Festival, School of Visual Arts.
    Speaker at TEDxPurdueU 2016. Article here. VIDEO.
    01/28/2016 - IRIS WORLDWIDE - NEW YORK, NY
    Speaker at Under the Influence speaker series. Topic: The intersection between Advertising Agencies and Product Design & Development groups. How to create products that have a major impact on brands and culture while also retaining a life of their own.
    10/26/2015 - RISE NEW YORK - NEW YORK, NY
    Speaker at CIID and Rise New York Present: 'Getting To Good Quicker'. Topic: Case studies & lessons on developing connected hardware products. VIDEO
    10/13/2015 - VERIZON BUILDING - NEW YORK, NY
    Panelist and Speaker at NYC Tech Week: IoT Panel Discussion, Sponsored by Grind+Verizon
    Panelist and Speaker at MakerCon New York 2015. Topic: DESIGN: A New Design Sense
    09/16/2015 - Creating Urban Tech Summit - BERLIN, GERMANY
    Panelist and Speaker. Topic: Civic Data Devices and the power of Open Data to transform cities.
    06/25/2015 - LMHQ - NEW YORK, NY
    Panelist and Speaker at Building a Responsive City. Topic: Civic Data Devices.
    04/30/2015 - Urban Manufacturing Meetup - LONG ISLAND CITY, NY
    Panelist at Meetup. Topic: Prototype to Production in the US.
    Speaker at Movers & Shakers. Topic: Trends and Patterns in Global Entrepreneurship.
    10/21/2014 - Hardwired NYC - NEW YORK, NY
    Speaker at Hardwired Meetup #13. Topic: Trends in NYC Hardware Startups. VIDEO
    09/2014 - Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, COPENHAGEN, DK
    Course Instructor in the Interaction Design Programme, co-leading an Industry Course with LEGO
    07/2014 - Purdue University - Purdue Alumnus Magazine
    Feature in July/August 2014 Magazine and Website
    05/31/2014 - Department of Making + Doing, PHILADELPHIA, PA
    Bike and Car Traffic Counting Workshop with WayCount and Hi-Viz
    05/06/2014 - TEDxAtlanta, ATLANTA, GA
    Speaker on Design Studios as Invention Centers and the promise of American Entrepreneurship. VIDEO
    03/2014 - INTEL: The Future Is Now
    Feature on The Future is Now: The Future of Design. VIDEO
    03/26/2014 - FKKS, NEW YORK, NY
    Panelist at Gotham Media presents Digital Breakfast: The Internet of Things
    03/10/2014 - NYU School of Engineering, BROOKLYN, NY
    Presenter at Inno/Vention Prototyping Info Session
    02/26/2014 - Denkerei, BERLIN, GERMANY
    Speaker & Panelist at the Berlin 2014 Series of Urban Knights
    02/26/2014 - Denmark International Studies Blog, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK
    Alumni story, Illuminating Alumni: Tomorrow’s Story from a DIS Past
    02/10/2014 - New York University, NEW YORK, NY
    Guest Lecturer on Sensors in Hardware Products. Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).
    01/31/2014 - Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), PROVIDENCE, RI
    Guest Lecturer on Prototyping in Physical Computing
    02/2014 - ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE - February 2014 Issue
    Cover Story on Tomorrow Lab®
    10/30/2013 - New York University - Magnet Center, BROOKLYN, NY
    Guest Speaker at Technology Hardware Prototyping Workshop
    09/26/2013 - City University of New York (CUNY), NEW YORK, NY
    Guest Speaker at GoGreen NYC 2013
    09/04/2013 - New York Tech Meetup, NEW YORK, NY
    Guest Speaker presenting WayCount®
    08/27/2013 - NYC Hardware Startup Meetup, NEW YORK, NY
    Guest Speaker presenting Tomorrow Lab®
    07/29/2013 - School of Visual Arts (SVA), NEW YORK, NY
    Guest Speaker on Design for Social Change
    07/02/2013 - Martha's Table, WASHINGTON, DC
    Guest Speaker on Youth Entrepreneurship at Youthful Savings Summer Entrepreneurship Program
    05/10/2013 - Business Insider
    THE DESIGN 75: The Best Designers in Technology
    04/22/2013 - School of Visual Arts (SVA), NEW YORK, NY
    Final Review Panelist at Products of Design Program
    01/11/2013 - - MOSCOW, RUSSIA
    Biographical Review in Open Source Urbanism through Product Design
    12/17/2012 - New York University, NEW YORK, NY
    Final Review Panelist at Maters of Digital Communications and Media Program
    11/5/2012 - New York University, NEW YORK, NY
    Midterm Review Panelist at Maters of Digital Communications and Media Program
    08/15/2012 - Strelka Institute, MOSCOW, RUSSIA
    Speaker at Creating Public Spaces
    08/10/2012 - 08/15/2012 - Strelka Institute, MOSCOW, RUSSIA
    Changing Tomorrow by Intervening Today Workshop
    06/25/2012 - Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design (CIID), COPENHAGEN, DENMARK
    Guest Speaker on How can open-source rapid fabrication techniques be used to produce sellable products, not just prototypes
    03/2012 - 06/2012 - Drexel University, PHILADELPHIA, PA & CIID in COPENHAGEN, DENMARK
    Course Organizer & Instructor Opening Audio Studio Course
    10/15/2011 - Flux Factory, QUEENS, NY
    Guest Speaker on The Industrial Designer's Role in Tactical Urbanism at the Tactical Urbanism Salon
    03/17/2010 - Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, NEW YORK, NY
    Participant and co-organizer for Opening Hardware
    04/2009 - IDSA Southern District Conference, NEW ORLEANS, LA
    Presentation of Masters Thesis work from Georgia Tech - Tangible Human Interaction Prototypes
    12/2008 - Art Voices Magazine, ATLANTA, GA
    Article featuring THE WALL exhibit at Art House Gallery
    10/2008 - Art House Gallery, ATLANTA, GA
    THE WALL featured at Art House Gallery during Le Flash Event
    05/2008 - 07/2008 - Museum of Design Atlanta, ATLANTA, GA
    Models exhibited at Museum of Design Atlanta's Made in Georgia Show


    In 2010, Ted founded Tomorrow Lab®, a New York City based hardware development consultancy that researches, designs, and engineers revolutionary products that steer communities toward a better future. He does speaking events on the future of design and technology. In the past, Ted has been an Adjunct Professor of Product Design at Drexel University in Philadelphia where he organized and taught the Opening Audio design studio course, has worked at Eyebeam Center for Art & Technology, Armchair Media, Epidemik Coalition, and taught at the Georgia Institute of Technology's College of Architecture.

    Alongside Tomorrow Lab®, Ted helped start and/or propel the following start-ups:
    WayCount™, an open data platform for crowdsourcing automobile and bicycle traffic counts.
    Windowfarms™, an opensource citizen science project exploring how to provide fresh food to urban dwellers.
    littleBits, a growing library of discrete electronics that snap together with magnets to allow fast prototyping of sensors and displays.
    Social Bicycles™, an affordable bike share system which puts all mobile communications on the bikes themselves.
    DoTank:Brooklyn, an action-oriented group of urban planners, architects, and designers who use boot-strapping and guerilla tactics to bring attention and positive improvements to the local community.
    Bring to Light NYC, the city's version of the global Nuit Blanche night-time arts event format where public spaces are illuminated with electronic art for one night every year.